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Dentures at SAV Dental

Older man with white hair sitting at tableAt SAV Dental we  provide a broad variety of solutions to suit your needs. If you have missing teeth, you’ve likely considered restoring your smile with a tooth replacement option. Our dentures are cost-effective, durable and available in a variety of materials, allowing you to eat and speak as you’d like. Regain the full function of your teeth with our dentures!

What Is a Denture?

A denture is a removable prosthetic designed to fit into the open space created by teeth that have been lost. They can be worn during the day and taken out at night to be soaked in a cleaning solution.

Available in both full and partial forms, different materials can be used to create your denture depending on what is most appropriate for your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs involved in getting a denture?

The costs incurred will depend on whether you need a full or partial denture and the materials that you choose to have your denture created. We’ll provide a total estimation of all fees at your first appointment so that you can choose to move forward with no surprises.

How many visits will it take to get dentures?

Generally, two appointments are needed. During the first visit, Dr Sav Ramakrishnan (Dentist) will perform a full evaluation of your mouth and inform you of all your possible treatment options. If you choose to have dentures, we’ll gather impressions and other information that the laboratory uses to fabricate your denture. When it’s complete, you’ll return for a second appointment where we’ll fit your denture.

How long does it take to get used to wearing a denture?

It can take up to a few weeks to become used to the feel of having a denture, particularly if you’ve never worn one before. Rest assured that you can always return to us with any issues that you may encounter and we will be happy to make any necessary adjustments.

Show Off a Beautiful Smile

Have you been wondering which tooth replacement solution is right for you? We offer dentures Berwick amongst other options. Contact us today to book a consultation! We have same-day appointments available.


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